Does the device has in built battery?  



How much is the built-in battery time?  

15 mins


How much is memory device has?

Virtual memory to hold 15 mins of data till next gprs connection is obtained


Remote ignition control possible?  

Most of the tracking devices provide this feature however we do not recommend you using this feature as it may cause safety issues.  


Is voice or microphone supported?

Not supported


Can configuration be done for complete fleet using five mobile numbers?  

Yes, and this is possible through admin mobile number


Can oil level info obtained?  



Data retention period?

Reports can contain data upto last six months.  If any data prior to six months is required then send request to support@ghewareunigps.com in advance.  Any data that is older than 12 months will be deleted.


What happens if mobile network is lost at some places? Will the route be captured after network is back or it'll just show a gap from the last point?

Device has in-built memory and can hold 15 mins of data even if mobile network is lost at some places.  Once mobile network is received, device would send all stored data to the server.


Will any alert be fired in the case if network is lost for long duration?

If mobile network is lost for long duration, device would not be able to send gps locations till it receives mobile network.  No alert will be fired however in the report you would see no data for that duration.


Is it easily noticeable inside the hood?

Device is small and it depends upon how well it is installed.  Generally device is installed inside the dashboard (beneath steering wheel) hence not noticeable.


Any precautions or issue while cleaning engine by water jet?

Care to be taken while washing if the device is installed inside bonnet area.


What happens if battery is removed from vehicle for recharging or replaced?

Battery is the main source of power input to the device and if no power supply is given to the device, it won’t be able to send location information.  

If batter is replaced, you need to ensure that as installation wiring diagram device is re-connected to the battery.


Can the product be shifted by a driver or technician from a vehicle to another vehicle? Will it create any alert? Can it be differentiated by report or tracking data?

Device can be shifted to another vehicle and if no change is done in sim card, then device would work as it was.  You would any way figure out from the report if device is shifted to another vehicle as route orginal vehicle travels would not be exactly same to the another vehicle.


Please help to clarify the feature mentioned in presentation on how fuel can be cut remotely?

Device manufacturers do provide this feature via SMS commands but We do not encourage this as it may lead serious consequences.  


Can car mechanics/electricians install the device is wiring diagram given to them?

Local car mechanics/electricians can install the device easily using the installation diagram that we would send to you.


How the warranty service will be provided in case of any hardware problem during warranty period and after warranty period? What will be the cost which Company will bear and what Client will be required to pay in both the cases, i.e. like postal charges or repair charges in case of warranty is over?

Six months of warranty would be provided to the customer.  In case of faulty device, customer can ship the device to us.  Customer would bear the shipping cost first time.  In case device found faulty again, then we would bear the return shipping charges.  Any shipment that happens from our side, we will pay the shipping charges.


In which cases product gets turned off and will server send any alert in case the product is turned off?

If the product gets turned off, server would not get any data and you can also observe the same in the reports when you log in.  

You can also setup email / sms alerts saying if vehicle is not moving for say 5 hours, then sms to 91<your mobile> and server would send sms.  Cost of notification are detailed in the pricing sheet.